Prime Steel TMT Bars

We use the Thermo-Mechanical Treatment and & Hot Rolling processes to manufacture high-quality TMT bars. These processes delivers greater tensile strength to our TMT bars. The most important features of TMT bar include higher elongation. This improves the bend/re-bend properties of the TMT bars, thus making it safe from natural calamities such as an earthquakes. The Thermal stability of TMT bars is high which makes them safe from any fire accidents. The special ribbed design of the  TMT bars form a stronger bond with the concrete or cement, thus, providing additional support and strength to the building structure and improves their longevity and durability. Prime Steel TMT bars have greater shock-absorbing capacity when compared to other TMT bars. This prevents the collapse of a building during an earthquake and ensures the longevity of the structure. Compared to ordinary steel bars, the same quantity of Prime Steel TMT bars can provide 20% additional strength to the structure.

Stats & Charts

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